Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015

How is it that another year has already gone by? It seems like the years have been flying by lately! We actually spent most of the month sick. The beginning of the month all the kids got Bronchiolitis and double ear infections. Both Josh and Joey had to be on the nebulizer several times a day. Thankfully, because I had all the equipment at home, we were able to avoid the hospital with Joseph. During this rough time, Daniel was gone at a conference. Yay me! He was gone from Monday morning to Saturday night. I had to give treatments to the boys, meds to all of them, and of course, Heather stayed home from school. She had a really bad reaction to amoxicillin, and broke out in a really scary looking rash. Oh yeah...and the stomach flu...

We played outside as often as the weather would permit, and tried to burn a lot of energy.

They were flying on a broomstick...

We went on a hike one fine Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We got muddy (Josh did a face plant in the mud before we even started.), and got to walk on the lake!

Joseph had to have his frenulum cut (he was tongue-tied). He was not too happy about it, but nursing is going MUCH better now. And he sure looked cute!

The kids both got the chance to read to a dog. I kind of wanted to take the big black one home...such a good doggy!

Joseph started smiling in earnest! One of the first (half) smiles we caught on camera.

Daniel got to participate in a pinewood derby. All the young women and young men made cars and raced them. Daniel's car looked like a wasp. :)

We also did our fair share of goofing off, dance parties, and reading. Happy New Year everyone!

Josh noticed that he and Joey matched. He had to have a photo!

Best photo bomber ever. ;)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Josh is such a great big brother!

Christmas card photo...sans the snow.

First bath with all the kids!

Two months old!

Heather has started writing lots and lots of letters.

Christmas sugar cookies

Our "gingerbread" men and women.


We talked about the layers of the earth in preschool, and for a activity we made a cookie model of the earth's layers.

Happy birthday to Jesus!


Sunday, November 30, 2014

November and Joseph's Birth Story, Part 2

November was eventful as well. I spent most of my time at the hospital, but once I could drive, I came home a lot more often. It was important for me to be there for his feedings, so I was rarely home for long. I truly believe that one of the reasons he did so well with gaining weight, breastfeeding, and thriving in general, is because I was there. Babies need their mommies! On November 3, after a lot of hard work, he got his feeding tube removed. Well, we will be honest and say he pulled it out (for the hundredth time!), they just didn't put it back in. And he did awesome!

No more feeding tube!

I just love those little wrinkes!
He continued to slowly gain weight, ounce by ounce, until on November 7 his doctor gave the go ahead to start rooming in! Josh and Heather came by that night, and held him for the first time. They were SO EXCITED! We had a little bit of drama, but other than that, we were a happy family. It was nice to finally all be together. I love our little family so much!

After 2 days rooming in, we were able to go home on November 9th. We had to wait until Joey was at least 4 lbs. before he could go home. He was weighed that morning, and was just under 4lbs. But we re-weighed him in the afternoon when the doctor was there, and he gave to go ahead! We did the car seat test, to make sure their oxygen saturation stays up when elevated for an extended period of time. He passed with flying colors. It was so nice to be home in my own bed, with my own family. No more beeping and getting up, going down the hall (in all the bright lights), and fully waking every 3 hours! All I had to do was walk 5 steps in the semi-dark, and nurse him before rolling back in bed. :)'s the little things.

Look how tiny. SO cute!

Jessica was still around to help out, and life regained some normalcy. We got a little bit of a routine going. But on Nov. 21, my family came to take Jessica away! After a week long visit for Thanksgiving.

First bath at home.

One of Jessica's many selfies...seriously. I probably had 1 GB of them by the time she left...

My three boys.

Love those wrinkles!

Josh and Mommy doing a science experiment.

Reading before bedtime.

It was a lot of fun, we got to meet Efren (Hannah's boyfriend) who helped my Mom drive out, we went to Indianapolis, my mom and I got away for a little while, and spent way too long (according to the boys) at the antique mall. It was an enjoyable time for all. We stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving and had pie and leftovers for DAYS afterwards.

Uncle John and Joey

Rare smile caught on camera. He must know who she is.

Checking out Indy. Not the best photo, but we were there. :)

Heather loved the seashell display at the library.

We couldn't find any elevators, so the boys took turns lifting the stroller down (and up) the stairs.
Indy 500 track. Josh was SO excited!

We had probably 7 pies! They were all delicious!

Josh and Isaac loved rough housing with Efren.

 The family left a few days after Thanksgiving, and Jessica went with them. It was sad to see her go. She and I had developed a great relationship that we hadn't cultivated yet, because she was 6 when I left home. I am so grateful she came! It was wonderful in so many ways! BUT it was nice to have her gone too. Does that even make sense? It was nice to be our own little family unit, and to really get into our new routine.

In hindsight, I am also grateful for the experiences we went through in October and November. I feel like now that I have experienced preeclampsia, a preemie, and a c section, I can understand other people better. And know how to help them when they are going through similar situations. We are still figuring things out, but I love our new and improved family. Joseph belongs with us!