Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015

How is it that another year has already gone by? It seems like the years have been flying by lately! We actually spent most of the month sick. The beginning of the month all the kids got Bronchiolitis and double ear infections. Both Josh and Joey had to be on the nebulizer several times a day. Thankfully, because I had all the equipment at home, we were able to avoid the hospital with Joseph. During this rough time, Daniel was gone at a conference. Yay me! He was gone from Monday morning to Saturday night. I had to give treatments to the boys, meds to all of them, and of course, Heather stayed home from school. She had a really bad reaction to amoxicillin, and broke out in a really scary looking rash. Oh yeah...and the stomach flu...

We played outside as often as the weather would permit, and tried to burn a lot of energy.

They were flying on a broomstick...

We went on a hike one fine Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We got muddy (Josh did a face plant in the mud before we even started.), and got to walk on the lake!

Joseph had to have his frenulum cut (he was tongue-tied). He was not too happy about it, but nursing is going MUCH better now. And he sure looked cute!

The kids both got the chance to read to a dog. I kind of wanted to take the big black one home...such a good doggy!

Joseph started smiling in earnest! One of the first (half) smiles we caught on camera.

Daniel got to participate in a pinewood derby. All the young women and young men made cars and raced them. Daniel's car looked like a wasp. :)

We also did our fair share of goofing off, dance parties, and reading. Happy New Year everyone!

Josh noticed that he and Joey matched. He had to have a photo!

Best photo bomber ever. ;)