Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Heather B.

Heather is growing up so fast! She smiles often, and has started giggling. In the past, she hasn't really laughed before, but Daniel has gotten some very hearty laughs the last two days, and it is music to our ears! She has also been rolling over on a regular basis when she is done with her nap, she just hasn't rolled over on the floor for me. She did for Daniel on Saturday. But everytime I go into her room to pick her up from her nap, she has rolled over. So she can do it (for real)! Here are some cute pics!

Heather is really starting to develop more of a personality and it is fun to see her learn and grow!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's/Birth day

This week we celebrated Daniel's birthday and Father's Day. We had a picnic and went to Beauty and The Beast at the Scera with Mom, Dad, and Laura for Daniel's birthday. It was so good! We really enjoyed it. For Fathers Day, Heather and I made some yummy breakfast. Daniel's favorite: sausage, eggs, orange julius, and french toast (He actually likes pancakes better). Daniel only had one meeting at 10:30 yesterday, so it was nice to have him home in the morning.

Daniel is so wonderful and such a great father to Heather. He treats my like a princess, and makes me feel good about myself, he works hard to keep food on the table, and the rent paid, he is so patient, and makes Heather an me so happy! I love you so much Daniel!

Happy Father's Day to our dads! We love you!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

This week was crazy. Between work, Nathan going to the MTC, a work party, and taking care of Heather, we've been stretched to the limit. Just to give you an idea, as I was packing up to leave work on Friday I realized that I had forgotten to stop and eat lunch. I am definitely not one to skip meals, so needless to say Stephanie and I were really looking forward to the weekend.

Friday morning Stephanie and I agreed to do a mall date for Friday night, including eating out (even though it wasn't really in our budget). Instead, when we got to the mall Stephanie sat us down at a table right outside the mall and pulled out a "fast food" meal she had prepared herself--complete with burgers, fries, fry sauce, and milkshakes. It was very delicious, and a lot of fun to have our own "fast food" at the mall. After that, our mall date consisted of Stephanie and I going to various stores and picking out outfits for each other to try on. It was a lot of fun.

Heather is getting biggerer and cuterer every day. She's the Apple of our i!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Elder Coleman

Heather and I had the chance to drop Nathan, now Elder Coleman off at the MTC this morning. I was anticipating not being able to say too many goodbyes and stuff, but they really wanted me in and out. They seemed even a little bit reluctant to let us take this one picture. But, Elder Coleman is now safely there, no Swine Flu, and he is ready to go!

We made him a nice last home-cooked meal this morning our International Flapjack and Sausage Breakfast (sausage, eggs, pancakes, and orange julius). We enjoyed it, and he certainly did. He fidgeted around all morning, we went through his luggage again, he talked on the phone to the family, and now he is off. I can't believe my little brother is a missionary! It seems like just yesterday when we were running around in the mountains, building treehouses, wrestling, and of course involving ourselves in the little bit of sibling rivalry that occasionally happened. :) So much is changing! I guess you can't stay young forever. We will miss him, but I know he will be a great missionary serving the Lord in the Anchorage Alaska Mission.