Sunday, July 25, 2010


We are now officially the Iowa Standages--the first in my direct lineage (that I am aware of) that can claim that! We packed up our moving truck on Tuesday the 13th and left the next day. The trip was quite uneventful. We had an army of ward members here in Ames to help us unload the truck Thursday evening, and we had everything in the house 30 minutes after we started! Mom, Dad, and Laura stayed a few days with us, helped us clean and unpack, and watched Heather for us when we needed to make a shopping trip (or take a break). It was nice to have them there. They left Monday morning for Nauvoo and had a good few days there before returning to Utah.

We're settling in ok here. We've got almost everything unpacked and where we want it. Stephanie has even sewn some cute window treatments for Heather's room--they turned out really well, and they have blackout liner on the back, so it's really dark for naps and bedtime. However, we're still waiting on the landlords to make some repairs, so I don't think we'll feel completely settled in until that's taken care of.

We made our first batch of bread yesterday, and it turned out amazing. I will be as bold to say it was as good as one of mom's best loaves! We think what made the difference is substituting applesauce for half of the water. She's tried it before with minimal success, but this time it turned out great.

We have hardly taken any pictures since being here. We will take some pictures of us and the house soon and post them.

We love you lots!