Monday, April 30, 2012

April Goings on

This past month has gone by very quickly. We have been keeping up with life mostly, but we have also had some unusual, but wonderful events. The beginning of the month we enjoyed a trip to the Kansas City Temple open house. Unfortunately, the camera did not make it into the car. We had a good trip, and it was really fun for Heather to see inside the temple. The next day was Easter. The day after that, the kids and I left for Utah for two weeks. In Utah, we got to visit our family. I had lots of fun planning, shopping, and decorating for Sarah's wedding with my sisters and mom, and Heather and Josh had tons of fun playing with all their uncles, and eating ice cream with Grandpa. :) After the wedding, the kids and I stayed in Utah for a little while and visited with the Standage family. That was a lot of fun too, and much less stressful! We were all ready to go home when the time came. Which is just how I like to end vacations. We have been home a week, and now April is all but over. That was our month in a nutshell. Here are some pics, which tell a much better story than I can!

Reading stories with Daddy. One of our favorite times!

Watching a tractor did a HUGE hole partly in our yard to "fix" another hole.

Heather interpreting general conference.

Easter Sunday.

Heather loving on her uncles, Uncle Isaac (18mos) and Uncle Nathan (RM, single, available!)

All five girls.

At the wedding reception. Kids area adjoining the main area was the best idea EVER!

Family dance. If you look closely you can see Heather and John "dancing" (playing ring-around-the-rosies) just behind Leo and Sarah.

The beautiful couple.