Sunday, June 9, 2013


We went camping with several families in our ward this weekend.  We had a lot of fun getting to know others better, and being in the great outdoors. Josh loved throwing rocks in the lake, and Heather loved the friends and exploring the area. We could not have asked for better camping weather. Not too hot, and cool enough at night where a sleeping bag is just perfect (not too hot or cold), and the fire was nice in the morning. Such a fun time!  Here are some photos of the weekend.
This is from a few days before the camp out, she told me (quite emphatically) she was not tired.

The kids throwing rocks. Not a great photo, but I kept it because Heather has a faint smile, and I couldn't get her smiling almost the entire time. She is one happy girl, so I don't understand why...

Happiest boy on the face of the earth, and our set up.

There were tears...

Good food, great company!

YAY! Smiles. Heather and her cute friend Joy.

So beautiful.

Dad showing 'em how it's done.

Anyone want to come visit now?

Bonding time.

"Dis fun, daddy! Dis fun!"

Love my girl.

Love my boys!

Seriously. SO beautiful.

Didn't even last the 20 min drive home.

Take a look at the mud-encrusted socks/legs/body! A sure sign of a good time!

So, now that you've see how beautiful it is out here, who wants to come visit?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Most of May

Well, as much as I say I need to blog more, it seems like it happens just about once a month. I guess that's better than nothing!

The month of May has been pretty low-key. We've spent most of the days outside and at the park. On the rainy days, we went to the library or the science museum, or stayed home and played.

Under the table hammocks on a rainy day.

Sneaking into the shame!

Little stinker!
Daddy had a camp out with the scouts this month. Heather was sad she couldn't go, so she built herself a campfire. She is roasting marshmallows in the photo.

Helping Heather gather sticks.

Little Poser!
 On Memorial Day, we had a pretty laid back day. We went on a run (my first 5k!) and went hiking. It was really nice to just be together and have fun! Josh LOVED the hike! He kept saying. "Dis sooo fun, Daddy! Dis sooo fun, Mommy!"

Josh: What is going on??

Leonard Springs Nature Park. SOOOO beautiful! And REALLY muddy!

Our best effort at a family photo. Thanks log for your great photography. :)

Mmmm. Picnic lunch.

I guess this is her go-to pose...

I cooked Quinoa for the first time. Heather LOVED it! She wanted to lick the pot clean. Ok by me!

Josh loved it too...

He is SO cute when he tried to close his eyes.