Sunday, August 31, 2014


Heather started Kindergarten! It is so unreal that my little baby is going to Kindergarten and loving it! She is making new friends, and enjoys her time there. She is a little ornery some days, I just try to be patient knowing that she is probably tired from the extra long day. The school goes from 8:30a-3:50p. WAY too long for a five year old!

Meanwhile, Josh and I are having lots of one on one time together.  We've been going to the park, going to Wonderlab, the library, and just hanging out at home.  We will see how he handles sharing me with a baby. :)

Josh loves wonderlab!

Especially hogging all the balls.

And the cool oil thing.

Mom made a very intricate marble tower with ALL the pieces! (Heather is hiding. Can you find her?)

Monday, August 11, 2014


We went on vacation to visit UT, and Yellowstone. On our way there, we passed through Iowa to visit some friends. On our way home, we stopped in Michigan, where Daniel was teaching at a workshop. They put our whole family up in a "cabin" by a lake.  The whole trip was a lot of fun! Here are our favorite pics.  (Yes I am aware they are out of order. (Michigan somehow ended up in the middle.) But I may or may not get around to fixing it. Right now, it's more important to catch up!!):

The rolling hills of Iowa.

Visiting the home where Josh was born.

Our favorite place near our old home.

So beautiful.

Visiting the temple in Utah.

Visiting Stephanie's family


Josh sat on this rock for about 2 hours at the James family reunion.

Heather and Jessica

DIRTY kids!

Getting bored on the road to Yellowstone!

Cold, cold water after a picnic.


Beautiful waterfall.
Josh had a habit of just pulling his pants down wherever he was if he had to potty. Mom is not so happy...

Picking huckleberries. Yum!

Finally slept in the same bed...on the last day we wanted them to.

View from our cabin in Michigan.

Feeding the swans.

Exploring and finding shells.

Pregnant lady in a tree!

Heather's goal for the summer was to climb a tree. Check!

Rexburg temple


Heather walked around with her nose plugged a lot! So cute!

Super Standages

Making necklaces.

Hunting frogs.

Stinky cheese night!