Sunday, June 21, 2015

March 2015

Winter took its time this year, but when it came it came strong! Church was cancelled on March 1st, so we spent the morning having our own little church service (the kids sharing their testimonies on the "stand" with the "microphone") and then built some snowmen with the wonderfully packable snow (most of the snow this year was dry powder).

We had two birthdays in March: Heather turned 6 and Joshua turned 4. As tough as parenting can be sometimes, it is so wonderful to reflect on how much they have grown in the last year. They really are amazing kids!

Kids got a new bunkbed with personalized bedding.

Best way to celebrate birthday is to share cupcakes with friends!

Birthday pancakes for breakfast of course.

Solar system cupcakes. For the boy who isn't always sure which dwarf planet is his favorite.

Although the month started off pretty cold and bleak, it warmed up enough a few times to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

Stephanie took a 5 month photo shoot of baby Joe and got a few really good shots!

And a few random pics.

Josh's respiratory problems kick in occasionally during winter. Makes for a sad, tired boy. :(

Green dinner for St. Patrick's Day.

Heather couldn't help dressing up after seeing the new Cinderella movie.

Wow, I'd hire her for the part!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

February 2015

We blessed Joseph on February 1st. He was blessed to be healthy and strong, to be strong in the service of the Lord, with discernment and loyalty to God, the ability to sacrifice, enthusiasm for life and optimism, as well as determination to testify and study the scriptures.

We made homemade donuts one snowy sunday.

Heather loves her baby brother.

Daddy's first attempt at a braid. I think he did pretty good!

Traditional heart-shaped pancakes and pizza for Valentines day!

On Valentines day weekend, I did a simple and last minute date before Daniel came home from work. I sometimes like to do themed dinners along with a movie. When I was trying to think of something good for dinner, I saw we had everything for nachos (the good kind), and I figured I would put in some extra effort and make a date out of it. We watched Nacho Libre and had nachos for dinner. Complete with quotes from the movie. I know, sooooo romantic!

Nacho Libre date night!

We had a fairly mild winter, but finally in February we got some nice, deep snow. Daniel spent several snow day mornings perfecting his pancake skills. :)

Clone trooper
First good sled of the season! So fun.

And yes, Daniel was trying to grow a goatee. TRYING being the key word. Ha!

Squishy face. So cute!
I was shopping one morning, and Josh was being a typical 3 year old, and being a handful. I was about to loose it! An old man and walmart custodian came up and asked if I could do him a favor. I thought he was about to ask for money, so I started putting on my guard and thinking of what I would say and how I would say it kindly. Instead, this kind man gave me a dollar and asked if I would let Josh ride the ride-on car they have in the front of the store. He mentioned that when he was little, he always wanted to ride on the toys, but was never allowed to, and he asked if I would allow him to give us a dollar to ride on the toy. I said I would, and was so thankful for his sensitivity to a stressed out mom with 2 littles (with her) that needed a boost right at that moment. Since then, instead of bribing with a treat or nothing at all, I allow my kids to ride the car (if they've been good). Because a nice old man reminded me that childhood is fleeting, and that experiences are more valuable than things.

Josh's sunbeam teacher was teaching a lesson on fathers, and asked that the kids make treats (she provided) with their dads and take a photo.The kids had a great time!

Josh and I participated in an extended childhood sleep study from the ages of 18mo to 3years. This was him on the last EEG. It was a fun little study, and I'm glad we could help, but I sure dont miss having to wear an extra watch!

Snow days! We had almost an entire week cancelled from school during the last bit of February. Some of them I didn't think qualified. We also had some extremely cold temperatures.

Love my little monsters!
We spent an evening with our friends in Columbus. We went to a fun pirate show, and then out for ice cream at a historic ice cream/soda parlor there. Yum!

What is the most natural and fun thing to do when it's cold outside, but no snow on the ground? Go swimming of course!

Josh and Joey reading together.

Joseph had his 4 month appointment. Weight: 10 lbs 7 oz (10%), Head: 40cm (25%), Length 22.5in (10%). He may be small, but he's growing!

One of the snow days, we had a spa day, and Heather did our nails and makeup.

Snow day!

First time in the Bumbo.
On our temple trip, we went to the children's science museum in Louisville. The kids had a blast!