Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ten things I love about you


  1. watching you nod your head (well, actually your whole body)
  2. that little thing you do with your tongue
  3. your dinosaur roar
  4. the intense look you get when you're hungry
  5. the occasional good nap!
  6. your mad rush for the bathtub
  7. your laughing contests with Heather
  8. our shared fascination for the fridge
  9. your chubby thighs
  10. the peaceful look when you finally, finally fall asleep in my arms


  1. somersaults
  2. curly curly hair
  3. your infectious silliness
  4. hearing you quote Winnie the Pooh
  5. hearing you try to count to 20 while in time out
  6. the primary song medleys you make up on the spot
  7. your enthusiasm for nursery
  8. hearing you describe the pictures of Jesus in the gospel art book
  9. watching you try to casually put your arm around me
  10. humongous kisses


  1. your hard work at home
  2. your peanut butter chocolate trifle
  3. your soft, smooth, kissable cheeks
  4. your attention to detail
  5. your determination to do the right thing, even if it isn't convenient or popular
  6. your fun date ideas
  7. did I mention the trifle? :) no but really, your cooking and baking are spectacular
  8. your singing voice
  9. your mad photog skillz
  10. your laugh and your beautiful smile make me so happy

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Card

We sent most of our family and friends a link to our Christmas "card." But, just in case we missed anyone (which I am pretty confident we did...), you can find it here. 

We love you all!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Very Clever Blog Post

I remember sitting in the Talmage Building some time during the Fall 2007 semester, bored out of my mind in Dr. Solovjav's calculus class. I inconspicuously pulled out my work computer, connected to Blogger, picked out a template, and created the now-famed The Book of Standage. I searched through our wedding photos for one to use as the header image.

Since then we have changed the look and feel of the blog only once. When we graduated from BYU and moved here to Iowa, we changed the header image with a more up-to-date picture (including Heather) and changed "the land of Provo" to "the land of Iowa." Other than that, it has been the same since we created the blog.

Well, Josh has been around for almost 9 months now, and Stephanie took some darn good family photos recently, so I figured it was about time to update the blog's look and feel again. This time I went for the whole kit and caboodle, not only changing the header graphic but also choosing a different template for a fresh new look. I chose a theme based on Iowa State's school colors, and then Stephanie (with her vast design experience) refined the color scheme so that it does not subconsciously incite feelings of anger in blog viewers. It's pretty much a big deal.

Anyway, enough meta-blogging. We didn't take many pictures this week, but the few pictures Stephanie did take you can see on her photo blog.

PS Stay tuned at The Small Plates of Standage for an awesome new ice cream recipe. Stephanie made an absolutely scrumptious pumpkin pie ice cream last night using leftovers from Thanksgiving. Seriously, it rivaled my passion for chocolate and peanut butter. Stephanie didn't use a recipe or take any pictures though, so we probably won't post the recipe until after Christmas when we have some more leftover pie!