Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween festivities

We painted pumpkins for Family Home Evening a few days before Halloween.

Painting pumpkins

A little body art

Good thing it washes off!
After a long day at the temple, we rushed home, changed, and went to our ward chili cook-off/ Halloween party. Thank goodness for Crockpots!
Tangled Family at our church party: Mommy: Mother Gothel, Daddy: Pascal, Josh: Flynn Rider, Heather: Rapunzel
Halloween Day:
Super Josh!

We made ghosts on Halloween. It seemed extra appropriate because we were learning about G that week!

Nope, it doesn't taste good.

I see you!

It's fun to get dirty every once in a while...

Especially when you get to "go swimming" after.

Happy Heather

We made pretzel spider's webs.


Eating the spider!


This is what Super Mom looked like that day...It's amazing the things you can do when you are sick!

Thoughtful Rapunzel

Excited Rapunzel

Flynn and Pascal

There's a smile!

Here we are again.

Pascal. What a good sport, Daddy!

Ummm...What's with the funny face?

Ready to go on their quest for candy!

My costume glamor shot. I was feeling too awful to curl my hair or do anything special, so I stayed home and passed out handfuls of candy to our very few trick or treaters. (Thank goodness! I needed all the rest I could get!)

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time!

Enjoying the lovely fall weather!

Climbing the spider's web.

Geese enjoying the weather

Josh enjoying the geese.

Our street.

The art of jumping in the leaves.

Best day EVER!

Buried in leaves...well they were...

Best shot at getting myself in the photo. :)

Row, row, row your boat...

Does this need a caption?

Fall Family Photos

We took our family photos a few weeks ago. I just haven't made the time to share them yet. We are still deciding on ones to frame. What do you think?
In front of the barn door.

My favorite.

Josh! Get that finger out of your mouth!

Love this one too. Actually I really like all the ones I put on the blog. ;)

Cutie patootie!

Deep in thought.

I love this one!

Look at those eyes, and that beautiful hair!

This one is going on the wall!

The closest we got to a smile from him...grrr

UNTIL...Daddy helped him climb the monkey bars. He loved it!


Yep. Still in love.

My handsome husband.

Glamor shot!

Needs brightened up a bit, but this is my favorite of Josh.