Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day and other goings on

I enjoyed a bit of extra time at home on Memorial Day. Here are some pictures!

Joshua and Daddy sittin down for a pic.

Heather got a chance to snap her first pictures with my old point-n-shoot.

Budding photographer.

Can you tell how excited she is?

And for a small sampling of her work...

Heather, your fingers are covering the lens!

There we go!

She was not excited, however, when it was time to put the cameras away.

Later on we turned the sprinkler on in the front yard.

Joshua needed a bit of coaxing to jump over the sprinkler.

Wet boy!

Stephanie and I fought over the water hose (soaking each other in the process) while the kids splashed us with buckets of water. Grand ol' times were had by all!

Later the kids got to "paint" in the tub with shaving cream and food coloring.

Look at those curls!