Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Beginning of the End of our Summer

It feels like just a few days ago that we arrived to Athens, Georgia for my summer internship at UGA. Now we're done, and we're at the beginning of our journey home which will involve seeing new sites and visiting family. I often spend a lot of my time planning the future, but it's days like these that remind me I need to spend more time living in the present.

My internship was a great opportunity, and I learned so much. It was a lot of hard work, but I was able to accomplish some good work. In academics, your skills or your personality don't really matter unless someone with an important opinion takes notice and can verify those things. I was very lucky this summer to interact with people whose opinions matter. Not only will they be some of the people who write letters of recommendation for my future graduate school applications, they may also be the people to whom I send those applications!

We are also very lucky that Stephanie was able to be with me all through this summer. It would have been very difficult had she not been able to come. Stephanie was able to take classes through independent study, and the amount of progress she made will help her finish school despite being busy with the arrival of our first child next year. I have appreciated her hard work this summer, and the love and support she constantly provides.

Stephanie has had some tough days this week, and we've really started to see how bad morning sickness can get. Some days she wasn't able to keep anything down, and some days she has to lay down to avoid vomiting. We are really glad for the times when she is able to move about and be on her feet. This is definitely going to have implications for our summer vacation, but we're going to have a good time regardless of what we do!

We hope everyone is doing well. We love to hear from you. Take care!!!


Adams Family said...

Pregnant woman are so cute but pregnancy stinks! Call me if you get bored and need to get your mind off things or want to discuss things that helped me. Love ya.


juli and ben said...

We miss you! Sounds like you have had a good summer and great experiences in GA! We will be glad to have you back! Enjoy your vacations on the way home! Take care! Stephanie, take it easy! If you are really bad in the morning, try keeping fruit snacks or crackers on you night stand for a "quick relief" before you get up s-l-o-w-l-y!! Love you guys and Stephanie, we hope you start feeling better sooner than later.

Heiner Family Blog said...

Just come home Stephanie, we'll take care of you!!!