Thursday, August 28, 2008

My World is Spinning

Yesterday I had some pretty bad dizzy spells, some of them getting so bad it literally felt like the world was spinning. The dizziness began causing nausea, and after an international fare lunch with the College of Humanities following a conference, I had an international fare stomach ache. I left work early and came home for a three hour nap.

Looking back, I've been dealing with dizziness for a few days. Recently at work I've been getting small headaches and short dizzy spells. I'm not prone to headaches, but these I could shake off by closing my eyes and relaxing for a few seconds. Yesterday it got a lot worse.

This morning I have still been dizzy, although it hasn't been bad enough to cause nausea yet (thank goodness!). Nevertheless, I made an appointment and visited the doctor. Turns out that there is some weird stuff going on in my inner ears. She wasn't sure if it was labyrinthitis, leftovers from a viral infection, or a combination of the two. Either way, I got some meds and strict orders to stay hydrated and well fed.

Every story has a bright side. I'm feeling a little bit of what Stephanie has been feeling for almost 3 months now. This has helped me appreciate her efforts and her attitude despite how sick she has felt.

We're looking forward to camping this weekend, and hopefully we will both be somewhat recovered by then!

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Laura & Steve said...

Hope those meds have kicked in and that you're feeling a lot better. Make that, that BOTH of you are feeling a lot better! We love you! Hope you get to spend a fun, relaxing Labor Day together! (Especially with fall semester about to begin.)