Sunday, September 14, 2008

The good old days

This past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. While it has been nice to get back into a schedule, and start school, it has also been pretty tough. It has been hard to adjust to the new schedule, and to the demands of my body due to the little baby growing inside...for both of us! I have evening classes four days a week, and Daniel has lots of homework, and work to do. By the time I get home at night, I am completely wiped out and ready for bed, and Daniel still has miles to go before he wants to sleep. He has been very kind in letting me have my early bedtime, and instead of staying up late, he gets up super early (4 or 5am!).

In stake conference last week, our stake president made the comment that even though these times are hard, we will look back on these times as the "good old days." He mentioned that we should live our lives like they already are the good old days. We are trying! Daniel has definitely made my days good, by sacrificing his time to do small things like doing the dishes or getting breakfast ready. I have really come to realize how blessed I am. He makes so many sacrifices to make my life easier, and I really appreciate it.

We love you all and hope that you have a happy and productive week.


Heiner Family Blog said...

That's some great advice, we'll have to try putting that into practice too. Good job taking such good care of each other.

Laura said...

Good luck with the baby. Hope both of you feel better.