Sunday, February 15, 2009

Highlights from Valentine's Day

  • (relatively) heart-shaped buttermilk pancakes for breakfast
  • paper hearts with love notes on my computer
  • roses and lillies
  • paper hearts in the bathroom (near my razor and cologne...hints, maybe???)
  • spending the whole afternoon together
  • paper hearts in my computer bag
  • cutting, baking, and frosting sugar cookies
  • paper hearts near my scriptures
  • rolling bread dough into a heart-shaped pizza crust...yummy!
  • more paper hearts that I apparently haven't found yet!
  • candlelight formal Italian our front room
  • a few slow our front room
  • watching a romantical chick flick
  • eating some of the aforementioned sugar cookies
  • going to bed and sleeping in!!!


Michele said...

How cute for you guys! How did you make that pizza heart shaped?

Mary Ray James said...

Looks like you had a fun valentines. We got frosted sugar cookies from Steven and Erika, and Susan's kids. It was fun.

Laura & Steve said...

Aww, you guys are such cute lovebirds. What great examples to the rest of us! We're excited for you & for Baby Heather's arrival. She's one lucky girl. We love you!

Daniel said...

We rolled out a big circle and then we cut away everything that didn't look like a heart :) We tried to roll the excess dough back into the heart, but we had only marginal success with that step!

Boy Mom said...

Fun, What Chick flick?

Steph said...

We watched the classic chick flick "While You Were Sleeping."