Sunday, March 15, 2009

We've made it!

We've made it through our first week at home with Heather! Let's see how the next 18 years go!

We were sad to say goodbye to Grandma Coleman yesterday. She flew out the day Heather was born and has been with us the past 10 days. She spent a lot of time with Stephanie, a lot of time with Heather, and a lot of time getting Nathan ready for his mission in a few months. She took us out to Cafe Rio on Friday night--it was nice to get out for a bit! Thank you so much mom, you have been such a great help and you will be missed!

My re-entry into school was a rough one, but I was able to pull things through. The lowest grade I got on a midterm exam was 87, so I think I'll be fine. I can't believe we're on the final stretch of the semester now. Before we know it we'll be done and one more semester closer to graduation!

Stephanie is doing ok, although things haven't been easy. She's battled with a sore throat, a high temperature, and she hasn't been getting much sleep. Just keep praying that she gets better and not worse!!!

Anyway, we know why you're really reading this are some pictures of our cute babe!

Here's Heather in her chair, working hard to put on her cutest don't bother me face.

Mom, Dad, and Laura went to a concert at BYU last night, but they stopped by on their way to see Heather. Heather is lucky to have such a great aunt Laura!

Michele and Mom came down with Erin tonight to see Heather. Look at those cute babes!!!


Steve said...

Wish we were there.

Boy Mom said...

She is sooo cute!