Sunday, April 5, 2009

Heather's One Month Birthday

We can hardly believe Heather has been here a month already! She is such a cutie, and she brings so much joy to us. I have had to learn a lot of patience and long suffering and Daniel has had to learn how to live on less sleep than he previously did. However, we love our little girl and are so happy that she has joined our family.

Here are some more pictures.

Heather and Daddy chilling out while watching conference.

Daddy loves his little girl!

Heather hanging out with Uncle Nathan while he was visiting.


Jessi said...

Wow, time sure does fly! It's crazy, our parents are saying that about us right now!

Adams Family said...

Man, that last month of your pregnancy seemed to go so slow and now time is flying. We need to come see her sometime.