Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quinoa, Baby Photos, and Indian Food

We had a great week. I was recently hired as a research assistant in the plant genetics lab at BYU, and on Friday the lab went up to Lindon to plant a small crop of quinoa for testing. Almost all of the work I do is on the computer, so it was fun to get out and do some dirty work with the field biologists. I helped plant a few of the plants, but I spent most of the time making a map of the plot (each plant had an ID number, and I recorded the relative locations of all the plants). Since I was going up that way, Stephanie decided to drive me to Lindon and drop me off on the way to visit my Mom and sisters in Cedar Hills. I heard they had a good time!

Stephanie also took a bunch photos of Heather on Friday. It's hard to get good photos, so it's nice to have a digital camera so we can take bunches and bunches. This is our favorite from the lot.

Today we tried out one of the recipes from Julianne's recipe blog...and we loved it! The chicken tikka masala was creamy, spicy, and delicious!!! Thanks for that tasty recipe, Juli! We liked it so much we're going to steal it and put it on our recipe blog!

We love everybody and hope you have a great week!


Brianna said...

I love that picture! She's so cute and has a beautiful smile! :D

juli and ben said...

I'm glad the you liked the Chicken Tikka Masala!! It is one of our favorites.