Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. We can't believe that it has been two years...Life is so short! It has been a wonderful two years, and we still love each other. :)

We actually went out to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday. We started off the morning by going to the temple. It was great to be able to get away from life (and Heather) for a little bit. That afternoon we went to Trafalga and played miniature golf. It was a lot of fun. Heather loves being outside, so she was pretty good. Then we went out to dinner at Chili's. Heather wasn't so happy there. She really wanted to eat with us. She kept diving for our food or our water...I think she's ready to start solids on a more regular basis. We followed dinner up with some shopping. Daniel needed some new pants, and I needed some new shoes (my old tennis shoes died last week), and I wanted/needed a new skirt. [I guess I didn't NEED one, but it is a cute brown skirt that goes with just about any shirt I own, and I guess I do need variety :) ]

Yesterday was a very normal day, except for the evening. We had dinner, and I made a Chocolate Chip Pound Cake for dessert. It was super good and very moist. We put Heather to bed, and then we celebrated by doing pedicures and foot massages at home. I found a recipe for foot scrub that works wonders! The best part about is that it is homemade! My feet feel great! Daniel's reaction was, "I feel like a new man." His heels were very cracked and...well...gross, but they look and apparently feel a lot better now. We will have to keep doing it.

We really enjoyed our weekend and our day yesterday. But we have enjoyed our two years together even more!

PS. We do have pictures, but blogger isn't loading them right now. I will try to load them later.

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Happy Anniversary.