Thursday, December 31, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was so nice to spend it with our family. We started off this years festivities by going to temple square to see the lights.

Heather stayed nice and warm wrapped in her blankets. She loved seeing all the lights.

It was wonderful to not only see all the beautiful lights, but to feel the wonderful spirit there.

We spent Christmas with the Standages and had such a fun time with all of our family. We went out and played in the snow. Heather LOVES it!

Heather opening presents with Daddy:

Heather woke up from her nap with a crazy hairdo!

Oh...I guess you cant really see it, but it's a cute picture anyway...

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with our family, and are sad that we didn't get to see our other family. We were able to talk to them all and we were also able to talk to Nathan. He is doing great, and is loving Alaska! We love our family! We are so grateful for all the gifts that we received this Christmas, but there is one gift that we are and will always be thankful for, and that is the gift of the atonement of Christ.

(I was going to put a picture of Heather as she played the part of the angel in the Nativity story but I guess we didn't get a picture...this will have to do. She is our angel, and a wonderful gift from God)
As always, the break always seems too short, but we are happy that there is only one semester left. In other news, we just got our grades back, and both of us got straight A semesters!

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Steve Standage said...

Now, was it Heather or Daniel that had the crazy hairdo when they woke up. I couldn't tell from the photos though I do agree that Heather is much cuter than he. As for your grades... Good on you! You are SUCH nerds!!! :)