Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will it ever end?!?

This past week has been a "week from the bad place" (as one of my good friends would say). I have been SUPER busy with midterms, interviews, and essays, AND to top it all off, Daniel had Grad school interviews at UGA . Daniel has been busy too. He is trying to keep his head above water in math, work, research, and everything else...all while interviewing at Grad schools. He has another interview this weekend at the University of Iowa.


Or this?

We are having a hard time deciding where we will go. It will be a tough choice between Iowa and Georgia. We LOVE Georgia, we love the southern hospitality, and we are already familiar with the area...we have no idea what Iowa will be like. We LOVE the weather in GA, and we REALLY hate winter (which is exactly what we will get in IA). We LOVE the green trees in GA, and IA is really flat, and not very green. We do like the fact that IA is more rural and our kids will get the benefit of learning to work and playing outside all day (which too many kids don't do enough these days). Oh, and the housing is a lot cheaper in IA. BUT as much as we would love to make the decision based on familiarity, weather, landscape, and housing, we are trying to stay focused on the strengths of the programs and what would give Daniel the better education, and (more importantly) we are trying to be in tune with what God wants us to do. Please keep us in your prayers!

Oh, and I guess it will end. I just spent the last paragraph talking about the new beginning (that comes after the end). That MUST mean it is close...I just can't see it yet.


juli said...

We will keep you in our prayers. We love you guys. You will do great where ever the Lord takes you. Can't believe that you are almost there! Enjoy this last little while at BYU!

Michele said...

Oh, decisions are hard, especially when they are important. You'll do the right thing though! Good luck, this will be a fun experience for you.

Cowboy mom said...

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" La La La La
The desire to do what the Lord wants always seems to get us there.
Be Happy!

Adams Family said...

Both sound fun! Let us know when you figure it out! Good luck.