Sunday, August 22, 2010


This past week was the first week we've had a significant change in schedule since moving here to Iowa. I began my orientation, which thankfully wasn't as long and boring as I had expected. In fact, the diagnostic test they offered on Friday was anything other than boring! We had 45 minutes to answer 9 questions on subjects ranging from RNA secondary structure to algorithm complexity to systems of differential equations. My coursework at BYU covered all of these subjects, but a few of them were not fresh in my mind. Thankfully, they allowed us to indicate on the test the things we didn't know at all vs the things we would have to review before answering confidently. The purpose of the test was to determine whether we needed any remedial coursework, and luckily I was among the half of the group didn't!

In addition to my orientation this week, we also had the chance to go to the temple. Our ward organized a pretty big temple trip yesterday. We are in the district of the Winter Quarters temple in Omaha, Nebraska, which is about 2.5 hours away. The ward "borrowed" a local ward building to use as home base. The primary presidency organized activities for children and babysitting for young families so that couples could attend sessions together. The Relief Society organized a lunch after the morning session and youth baptisms, and then the bishop held a small devotional over on the temple grounds. The trip was officially over at that point, although many families remained and took turns watching each other's children so they could spend a bit more time in the temple. Heather was really tired and Stephanie felt sick, so we decided to just go home at that point.

The ward does not sponsor big activities like this very often, so our next few trips we will either have to bring some friends and take turns going in as couples or just go by ourselves and take turns watching Heather. Living in Provo spoiled us bad! Not only did we have a temple within walking distance, but we had a lot of friends that were willing to watch or listen for Heather while we went to the temple. It will definitely be an adjustment to make such a big trip every month.


Michele said...

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity. We just found a couple with 2 boys the same ages as Shelby and Erin that we're going to start trading with to go to the temple. I"m so excited! It's good that it's a priority.

Marshmellowpuff said...

how far of a drive is it to the temple? Yes we do get spoiled living in Utah sorounded by temples.

Stephanie said...

The drive to the temple is about 3 hours.