Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The moment you've all been waiting for

So basically...we are still alive and nothing much has changed. We are still busy. I am still pregnant, and Heather is still cute. Since the first two of the previous items are boring. I will focus on the third. Heather!

When Heather was a little baby, we started a journal for her. It is a place that we write about what she's doing, how she's developing, and memories that we want to keep. It has gotten a lot more fun recently, because Heather is finally doing cute things that are fun to remember. I mean, who cares how much she weighed at her two month appointment! I want to remember all the funny and cute things she says and does! Here are a couple of recent updates.

  • Heather puts her firefighter hat on and says "he-er-hi-er-hi-der."

  • Heather has started singing more. She loves to sing her ABC's and also Old McDonald. This is the best video I could get...

  • She comes into the kitchen when I am cooking, points at the stove and says, "berry, berry hot, Berrrry hot!" 
  • At the dinner table one night she started signing baby and singing "baby, baby, baby, baby..." then she suddenly stopped and said "Awww...."
  • When Heather finishes something hard for her, or when she comes inside when it's really cold she'll say "whew!"
  • When she wants held or just a hug she'll tilt her head to one side, put her hands out, and say "mmeeeerre" (come here). 
  • Heather seems to have a hard time with the "Pl" sound. When she wants to say "play," it comes out like "pbbbbay" (the b's here represent lip buzzing). She does the same thing with "plate."
  • We had the missionaries over for dinner recently. For dessert we had apple crisp. During the holiday season (in other words, the time of a surplus of pie) Daniel and I would say "Heather do you want some pah?" (pie...southern accent). When we brought out the dessert that night, Heather said "Oh! Pah!!" The missionaries got a kick out of it. I guess we are raising a little southern belle. 
  • Heather has been singing a long during her bedtime songs. I love it! 
  • She is also starting to whistle. Neither of us has tried to teach her, she just started doing it. 
  • We recently got some Fancy Nancy books at the library. Heather has started saying "Ooh, la-la!" at random. :)


Michele said...

SO cute!!! Miss you guys. I have to tell you that Erin loves looking at any picture of Heather. When I was cutting out the sillhouettes of all the cousins for my parents' christmas gift, Erin always wanted to take the one of Heather with her and carry it around. And she knows her by name too.

Cowboy mom said...

The older they get the funner they are. Even though babies are wonderful!!

Rachel and Erick Morwood said...

She's getting so big. I'm not surprised she's so smart...her parents are BOTH super duper smart. I miss you guys! Give Heather a big hug for me.

More Joy in "The Service" said...

That is WAY cute! She is growing up super fast! I can't wait for all the cute things Isaac will do and say! I love ya'll!

Marshmellowpuff said...

ooooohhhhhh! I just want to pick her up, spin her around and tickle her! she is so cute, and growing up so fast! I am really proud of you for teaching her a second language! I wish I would have taught my children, It will really come in "handy" for her....there are so many times I could have been able to communicate with the deaf, if only I had learned to sign even just the alphabet! Daniel and Stephanie you are doing a great job! I am so proud of you both