Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Lately, we have been a little busy (as you can imagine). Heather has needed a lot of extra attention and has started acting out a little bit. Also, she has become a lot more emotional. For example, she used to always run into nursery and not look back. But now, she has been crying for Daddy multiple times a day. I was even in there last week with her, and she went to the door signing and crying for daddy. She also has a hard time when daddy is doing the bedtime routine (which he did on a normal basis before Josh was born) and cries "dit mommy, dit mommy!" It makes us crazy! Will it eventually go away after she is more used to Josh, or is it always going to be like this?

On a happier note, Heather has been learning so much! A couple weeks ago as she was coloring, she started saying "e" (sounds like "eh") over and over again. I went in to see what she was doing, and she had figured out all by herself how to draw/write an "e!" I was super impressed. I got it on camera, and posted it just for you grandma! ;) Since then, she has noticed letters in her scribbling, but she has not been able to reproduce them like she can "e." It's amazing, and I don't know what we did to teach her.

Although Heather has had her rough moments, she continues to brighten our days with her laughter and overall cuteness. Here is a video of her doing her new water trick. (There is also a snippet of Josh at the end.)

An explanation about the eye: We have no idea what happened! We got home from church on Sunday, Daniel and I were in the kitchen getting lunch ready, and Heather ran into the front room to play. Immediately, we heard a big bang followed by crying. I ran in the front room to find Heather lying on the floor crying. I am pretty confident she hit her head on the window sill going full speed. What it looked like to me is that she tripped on Molly (a little person, and the only thing on the floor at the time). Anyway, it looks really bad, and I'm a little embarrassed to take her out in public, as anyone that doesn't have kids will probably think I am abusive (those that do have kids will know that kids just have a lot of bumps and bruises a lot anyway...still it is pretty bad). Here's a close up:

Still our "happy girl"!

Josh smiled (for real) for the first time yesterday. I tried to capture it, but this is what I got:

"feed me"

"Who is this weird lady, and what is she trying to say?"

half a smile

I promise, I am done blabbing now. :) We love you all and hope that you are all well and safe!


Rachel and Erick Morwood said...

Wow, Heather sure has quite the shiner! Josh is so cute!! Aw..his chubby cheeks are SO adorable! I can hardly wait for my little girl! I'm glad to hear that you guys are doing great, and to see more pic's of Josh. Love you!!

Jenny said...

That's really cute. I love how amused she is with herself. And the E writing is very impressive.

Techno Grandma said...

Thank you for the e note. That's impressive!