Monday, May 30, 2011

Vacation 2011 -- Washington

Stephanie's brother Nathan returned a few days ago from his mission in Anchorage, Alaska. For the first part of our spring/summer vacation this year, we drove out to the Seattle/Tacoma area to spend some time with the family.

Coincidentally, my brother Stephen and his wife flew out at the same time to do some house hunting. We saw them twice while they were here: an unplanned meeting at the Seattle temple, and a planned visit at the Coleman's for dinner last night.

We've really enjoyed our visit and can't believe how quickly it's going. Here are some pictures.

Visit to the cool breezy Washington coast.

The entire clan.

I doubt we're going to be together as a whole family again until someone else gets married. We'll see how long that takes...

The fam.

My hunny bumpkin.

Obligatory sappy shot.

Heather had a great time.

Joshua with his uncle Isaac.



Adams Family said...

That looks fun, a little cold, but fun.

Techno Grandma said...

I can't believe Nathan's home already. The pictures all look so fun.

Jenny said...

I hope Joshua and Issac become great friends. Too cute! I envy your beach trip.