Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photo Update

It's been a really nice end to a really crazy summer. We are excited for fall! Here is a little of what we have been up to lately.

Making faces in the window

Hiding in the (freshly painted) bookcase

Science Experiments

It's so fun that something so cheap can bring so much enjoyment!

Daniel made me an awesome Oreo birthday cake. YUMMY!

Finished product. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was divine!

Looking for bugs

Playing in the dirt

Eating dirt...and crabapples

Lots of Rolypolyology

Enjoying smoothies...

Lots of reading (that was a book about astronauts) 

Playing "princesses." We made our crowns from pipe cleaners. Heather wanted glasses too!

This is what I walked down to this morning. They must be related to their mamma!

Yup! We are "raising readers!" (This is exactly how I am sure I look when someone interrupts me in the middle of a good book.)
Love you all!


Katrina said...

Looks like you all are having a great time and I'm so glad:) I think about you guys a lot and miss you. You'll have to tell me about that experiment because I'm pretty sure my kids would love it. I find my kids doing the same thing with books and it always makes me so happy to see I'm passing the love of books on. Love yah Steph!

Techno Grandma said...

Your birthday card is still sitting here in Loa. I can't seem to get your Indiana Address.

Adams Family said...


Cathy Brian said...

I seem to have lost a little bit of that new mom creativity stuff hmmm. my poor younger kids.