Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family Fun

Grad school life has kept us plenty busy recently. We haven't had the chance to do many special family outings recently, but we've been enjoying each other's company at home.

Joshua can be picky sometimes, but he's usually a pretty good eater. He's using utensils more and more now.

Heather wanted to join in this silliness.


Joshua eating some chicken poblano soup. Yum!

Bowl-lickin' good.

What do you mean there's no more soup?!?!

Heather reading some library books.

Looking so grown up!

Stephanie and I have played Scrabble a few times recently. Most of the time the games move pretty slowly, but this time it went really well for both of us. We used every tile and scored pretty high. The only thing that put me over was that I got lucky with "GLAZED" in the upper right hand corner: the Z landed on a double letter score, and the G was a triple word score, so it ended up being like 84 points for that one word! 

Joshua liked the music at general conference. He does not, however, like diaper rash. We let him air out for a bit yesterday.

Whatr' you lookin' at?

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