Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Family Photos

We took our family photos a few weeks ago. I just haven't made the time to share them yet. We are still deciding on ones to frame. What do you think?
In front of the barn door.

My favorite.

Josh! Get that finger out of your mouth!

Love this one too. Actually I really like all the ones I put on the blog. ;)

Cutie patootie!

Deep in thought.

I love this one!

Look at those eyes, and that beautiful hair!

This one is going on the wall!

The closest we got to a smile from him...grrr

UNTIL...Daddy helped him climb the monkey bars. He loved it!


Yep. Still in love.

My handsome husband.

Glamor shot!

Needs brightened up a bit, but this is my favorite of Josh.

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Katrina said...

Steph I love these! My favorite is the 2nd one and the one of you guys in the grass. Although I love the first one in front of the barn also. And I absolutely love the one of you and Daniel on the bench. You are so beautiful girl! I love you and miss you to pieces!