Wednesday, February 20, 2013

T is for Train!

I'm starting to believe that, ironically, I get awesome mom points when I don't plan very far ahead. I hadn't thought about what on earth we were going to do for preschool one day, and because we were learning about the letter t, I thought trains. We colored a train picture, practiced writing t's, read a book about trains, and then I got awesome mom points. I grabbed some masking tape and "built" a train track. The kids flipped out! They loved it. In fact, it's still on our floor, and they still play with it. Yeah...I can be pretty awesome sometimes. :)

We should call Josh the blurry photo kid. I feel like I can't get a photo of him where at least some part of it is blurry. I don't know if it's my lack of photography skills, or that he runs everywhere he goes...or both. Sigh...

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