Sunday, April 28, 2013


Wow! Has a month really gone by that fast? Maybe it's because the weather has been warmer, maybe it's because we've all been (mostly) healthy, maybe it's because it finally feels like spring, whatever the case, I feel like this month ZOOMED by! Here's an update in the way I love the most. Tons of photos!

Josh has been fascinated by sunglasses lately. I bought him some cheap-o ones (which of course, he's destroyed now). He sure had fun trying to be like Heather and Mommy.

Oh, just reading Jane Eyre, Mom. A boy after my own heart. :)

Dying Easter eggs. The kit we bought had you dye them in bags. MUCH LESS MESSY!

It takes lots of concentration...

Putting glitter on the eggs.

Josh learning from the best.

Easter Photo

Who said she could grow up?

My handsome boys.

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