Thursday, July 18, 2013


YAY! We finally had visitors for our first time since we left Utah (almost 4 years)! Well, I guess Daniel's Mom did come when Josh was born, and they also helped us move out to Iowa. But as for family visiting just to visit, we have never had that privilege. So we were super excited when Daniel's parents and sister came to visit us last week! We had a lot of fun, and hope they did too. Here is some photo documentation and proof they were here:
Our beautiful chef!
 Day 1: We traveled the 6 hours to Kirtland, Ohio to view the LDS church history sites there. It was rainy, but we still enjoyed our time and the spirit we felt there. Our kids started acting out pretty early on in the tours, so we called it quits for the day, ate, and went to the hotel to swim. I am pretty sure that was the easiest time we've ever had putting the kids to bed!

Josh and Mommy outside the Whitney store. YAY! He's smiling!


Yep...our kids were pretty much done after the first house.

Josh: Hmmm....What is this thing?

Looking at the almost flooded river.

In front of the store.
Day 2: We visited the Kirtland temple and the Johnson and Morley farms. It was amazing to see inside the temple and realize all the sacrifices the saints who built it made. It was beautiful inside and out. By our last farm (the Johnson farm) the kids were done with tours, so we settled in for the long car ride home. We stopped in Amish country at a little shop, admired their handy work, and enjoyed some fruit pies. Yum!
 At the Kirtland temple.

Heather and Mommy.

Kirtland Temple

Heather did this on her own. Luckily I got it before the moment was gone.

Johnson Farm. Fun Fact: when I was younger, my family piled on that rock and took a photo. I thought it would be fun to do the same with ours. :)

After the tour...maybe the photographer (also the tour guide) was trying to be artistic? Or maybe he was just trying to hurry because he was sick of our kids...who knows?
 Days 3-5: We stayed around B-town and showed them the beauty around us. We went on a hike, toured campus, ate yummy Indian food, went to the farmers market, browsed the antique mall, and had a generally good time! Thanks for visiting! Come again!
Leonard Springs Park

PS. If you are ever in the area, look us up! We'd love to have you!


Johannah Coleman said...

Oh my goodness, I love the picture on the rock! That's really cool that you remembered that, and took the picture! We'll have to put it in the scrapbook...;) It looks like you all had a blast, and I hope I can go visit you guys sometime. What you should do though, is go to the Philippines to visit me! :D

Allen and Cameo and Little Leo said...

Heather is just so beautiful. Maybe we should visit each other. We don't get too many visitors down here either.

Daniel Standage said...

Nashville, TN is about halfway between Bloomington and Auburn. It's longer than our typical monthly temple trip, but it might be worth the trip some time if you guys wanted to catch up, eat a meal together, and take turns watching each other's kids at the temple! What do you guys think?