Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Vacation: The Beach!

We haven't been to the beach since Heather was causing a great upheaval in my poor little body. Who knew such a small (not even as big as a penny) creature could make someone's life so miserable! I am talking of course of morning sickness. So our last time at the beach I spent most of the time lying on the beach wishing I could get up and play, but knowing if I did, I would lose my breakfast. This time? We had so much more fun! I did not have the luxury of lying on the beach, but I don't regret it one bit. :) The kids needed every bit of our attention. And they had SO much fun! Daniel and I did too! Here are some of our favorite photos.

Our little digger is ready to go!

Racing to get into the water!

One of my first successful "selfies." Be proud. :)

Heather had as much fun in the sand as she did in the water!

Proud of her work. 

On our second day, we sat out a torrential downpour (no lightning or thunder...don't worry mom!). Since we were already wet, no one seemed to mind too much. It was so beautiful. 

Build the LAST sandcastle. 

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