Monday, March 10, 2014

Heather's 5th Birthday!!

Whoa!! We have a FIVE year old. How is this even possible?? Heather is our little ray of sunshine. She is so happy and bubbly, and cheers everyone around her. She is a girlie-girl and loves everything pink and sparkly. She is a willing helper. She loves books and is a great reader!

20 Birthday Questions:
1. How old are you? I'm five!
2. Favorite color? Pink and red.
3. Favorite movie? Rapunzel

We spelled "Happy Birthday Heather" with Cheez-its (see previous post)

4. Favorite fruit and vegetable? Strawberries with chocolate and broccoli and carrots.
5. What do you like to eat for lunch? Sandwiches and pretzels and strawberries and cucumbers.
6. Favorite game? Tag you're it and hide 'n seek

Birthday pancakes!

7. Favorite thing to wear? Hello Kitty heart shirt and skirts.
8. Favorite snack? Bread and chocolate.
9. Favorite animal? Snake and horses

10. Favorite song? Let It Go.
11. Favorite book? Princess books.
12. Best friend?  Josie and Atleigh (from preschool)

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

13. Favorite toy? Crown and a dress
14. Favorite thing to do outside? run and bike.
15. Favorite drink? Juice and soda

16. Favorite holiday? Halloween.
17. What do you take to bed? Hippo, cause hippo's my best friend.
18. Favorite breakfast food? .......................CHEERIOS! 

19. Favorite dinner food? Toast and soup.
20. What's your favorite thing to do? Dress up on my birthday and eat cupcakes. And maybe twirl in the mirror and go downstairs and play.
BONUS: What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom!

Josh wore these glasses pretty much all day on Heather's birthday...until he started feeling super sick.

 At one point he was trying to get me to do something and he said, "I have glasses, you have glasses..." ( quote from Turbo) He also wanted to take a picture with my glasses. Ok...whatever you say, Josh.

Josh's day ended pretty miserably. He ended up getting a fever and a really bad cough. Made worse by his RAD (reactive airways disease). No one slept very well that night.

Heather had her heart set on a birthday party this year. So, I caved. We had the easiest party ever! We did everything Heather loves--dressed up, put makeup on, decorated our own cupcakes, ate ice cream cones, and played with friends.  What more could a girl want? Answer: NOTHING!

Birthday invite

The set up was really easy. I just borrowed a bunch of dresses from our friends with 3 girls, and strung them on a clothes line. I set out the mirror that usually goes on the piano. And set out accessories.

FYI: I moved the things that were on the bookcase for the actual party...

Gloves, hats, hair, crowns, and boas.

Party favors. Lots of jewels.

Putting on our faces.

Opening presents

We sang to Joshua too...his party will be next year.

All the pretty princesses.
Happy Birthday Heather! We sure love you!


Daniel Standage said...

Favorite breakfast is Cheerios?!?!?! I'm appalled and offended! ;)

Rachel and Erick Morwood said...

Where did you get all the dress ups? Looks like fun!! I can't believe Heather is five!!

Stephanie said...

We borrowed them from friends. They both have 3 girls, so they had plenty. :)