Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas in Colorado

After an exhilarating drive across I-80 last weekend, we are safe here in Colorado Springs with the Colemans (Colemen, Colepersons to be politically correct I guess). Anyway, we have had a great Christmas break so far. Dad sent a DVD all the way from Iraq to narrate our Nativity reenactment, we had dinner with relatives on Christmas day, and have enjoyed racquetball, ice skating, and all kinds of games and movies.

Today, Stephanie and I made a little addition to our kitchen set. We found two musical fabric patterns at Wal-Mart and made some reversible aprons. I have sewed about a grand total of 45 minutes up to this point in my life, so this was a great accomplishment for me (I did my apron all by myself!). Anyway, they look great and we're excited to give them a try in the kitchen!

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Boy Mom said...

Hey, glad you're still alive. Cute aprons. Glad you could go to Colorado sorry all of you couldn't make it to the Christmas party.