Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cleaning and the blues

Well, it looks like Daniel already told you about our adventures with Indiana Jones last night. That was a great experience. In fact, today in Sunday school someone mentioned the ark of the covenant, and I just couldn't get the scene out of my head when the Nazi army opened the ark...not exactly what I wanted to be thinking about during Sunday school. Apparently Dan was having similar thoughts.

You may be wondering about the title to this blog. This is the story. Yesterday I was really stressed out for the obvious reason of school drawing to a close. After finishing the last of three papers that are due next week, I came home and started cleaning. Our house doesn't really look any different, but I think that is due to how clean we usually have it. Even though I couldn't really tell much of a difference, I felt a huge difference. I felt a lot less stressed after cleaning the house. So I guess that means to ward off stress I should clean more. I am very glad to have made that important discovery. Please remind me about this discovery if I ever forget!

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