Monday, February 11, 2008

A Whole SIX months!

Well, here we are...still happily married after six months. I guess you could say that we are over the "twitterpated" stage of our marriage. However, I still get squishy feelings all the time. Real life has set in now, and we are trying to be all grown up. I think that as much as we try, we will always have some more growing up to do. Isn't that what life is for though? Speaking of life, it has had its trials but has been good up to this point, and I am convinced that it can only get better.

Daniel says that I should make this mushy and gushy, so I will (just for him). I now hereby decree my undying love for him. I am very grateful that he has chosen to put up with me for eternity. (is that gushy enough?)

We love you all and hope that you are doing well. Remember to BE HAPPY! :)


Margaret said...

Look at you two! I can't believe it's been 6 months already! ;)

Heiner Family Blog said...

I remember being in our first married ward and we were long-timers at 6 months! Haha.

Boy Mom said...

Stephanie, Daniel sees you as the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing creature in the universe(he is right you are incredible). He is constantly amazed that you would choose him, marry him, entrust your eternity to him. He,In no way! feels like he is, 'putting up with you', his deepest fear is that you may feel that you're 'putting up with' him.
The greatest gift any women can give her husband is to see herself as an amazing, beautiful, perfect daughter of God and to live her life as freely and joyously as that knowledge should make her feel.

Congrats! On six months.
Love you guys!