Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This is our maiden post from our brand new shiny MacBook!!!

With the two of us going to Georgia this summer for a research internship, Stephanie will be doing some courses through BYU's independent study program. Even now during the semester, it would be nice to have a computer of our own, but during the summer is will be a necessity. The fact that we got a pretty fat tax return this March didn't hurt, either!

A day or two after we made the initial purchase, I received a phone call from Zion's Bank regarding "some recent account activity."  A bit nervous, I returned their call to see what the problem was.  They informed me that a hold had been placed on our account due to some abnormal activity with Apple Computers.  Relieved, I confirmed the validity of the purchases and they rescinded the hold on our account.  Hey, at least Zion's Bank hasn't forgotten who keeps them in business!

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Boy Mom said...

Ohh la la, i am the maiden comment on your maiden post. I'm so excited for you two getting to go off to Georgia for the summer. Congrats on your new laptop and on banking with such a concerned financial institution.