Saturday, March 22, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has been the highlight of our busy week. We decided to have all green food for supper. I made sure we got our veggies, protein, dairy, fruit, and starch. For our vegetable we had broccoli, for fruit we had green melon Jello with bananas in it. Our starch was mashed potatoes gone green. The best part of our meal was the protein and dairy--GREEN EGGS AND HAM (with cheese on top)! It was fun to cook, and it was fun to eat. It was definitely a good distraction from our normal routine.

As far as the rest of the week is concerned, we were pretty busy with exams. We've been looking forward to this weekend. Not only will we be celebrating Easter, but we will be with family witnessing the blessing of our newest nephew, Jacob Benjamin Poulsen. To see pictures, check out Juli and Ben's blog!


juli and ben said...

So fun! The little things (like green food!) we do in life make it so fun and memorable. You guys are so great. We wish we could see you more often! Love you!

Boy Mom said...

we missed you at Easter dinner. Glad you got to go to a blessing. Hope all is well.