Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back in Business

Well, Stephanie and I are back in business. Our car had been in the shop for three weeks, during which time we almost brought it home twice. However, there was a gasket leak here or a computer problem there that kept it in the shop for three weeks. It runs great now though, and the best news is that we didn't have to take the bus shopping yesterday. Woo hoo!!!

In other news, I had my birthday on Monday, and Stephanie made sure it was a wonderful day (for more information, check out the previous post). The rest of the week was pretty typical of our long days at school/work, with long walks and reading books together in the evenings. We went out for dinner again on Friday and ate at a cute little Italian restaurant. We were very impressed with their tortellini and lasagna.

We're doing great here in Georgia, but we can't wait to see everyone in Colorado and Utah again. We love you!!!

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