Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Whole YEAR!!!

We have now officially been together a whole year. Well, sort of...We got engaged exactly a year ago today! At this time last year Daniel was working full time, I was going to school, we were planning a marriage, and totally wild and crazy about each other. We aren't planning a marriage, but other than that, nothing has really changed. Except now, we are not only wild and crazy about each other, we are totally, completely, and eternally in love. We can be very wild and crazy though. :) This past year has been wonderful. We have both grown so much and realized how much we really need each other.

These past couple of weeks have been crazy! Our car broke. We had to replace the transmission. We are just really glad that we followed the prophet's advice and saved for a rainy day. I still have not been able to get a job, so unless something amazing happens over the weekend, I am just going to continue doing school. I have found at least three more classes that I could take through independent study if I need to. I am already planning to do four classes and am almost done with three of them, so I may just be able to get them all done.

Daniel's internship is going well, he seems to really enjoy working with his group and he talks about new things everyday. I don't really understand everything, but I know they were just working on RNA extraction. Apparently, it is very tedious, and you have to do everything just right, or you have to start over again because it didn't work. Daniel is also getting excited about his research opportunity in Bioinformatics with Dr. Xu, and Dr. Dam. He will be working on a Bio-fuel project. He has been doing lots of research on it. It sounds very interesting, and I think he will enjoy it.

We miss everybody and we hope that you are all enjoying your summer. We are!!


Heiner Family Blog said...

Good to hear an update on you two and glad to hear you're staying out of trouble. Take care!

juli and ben said...

Great update! Thanks for the info! It's fun to know how you are doing! We hope that things will work out for you Stephanie in finding a job or doing more classes. You both are very determined. That's admirable! LOVE the pics of you two crazy love birds! Can't wait to see you again! You guys are great! Love you! Keep us posted and have fun!

Margaret said...

Why Dan, what big ears you have!

And hair!

And chin!

And Stephanie, what a big left eyebrow you have...

Adams Family said...

Dan if you were trying to escape being misidentified as Mr. Incredible you just blew it. Cute pictures.