Sunday, December 7, 2008

This week has been a very nice week. It was busy (as is typical), but we got the opportunity to be busy with more fun activities this week than usual. We are on the activities committee for church and our ward had our Christmas party on Tuesday evening. This activity was particularly nice for us because it was catered and we didn't have to worry about any cleanup! Stephanie and I participated in a short musical program by playing What Child is This, but otherwise we were able to sit back and enjoy the ham!

Friday, Mom and Dad came down to Provo to do a double date with Stephanie and I. We went to the Marriott Center to watch BYU's Christmas Around the World production. It was a lot of fun to see the culture and the excellent dancing, and we enjoyed having Mom and Dad around.

Two of Stephanie's bosses at work are involved with the Festival of Trees, and we had the opportunity to volunteer there yesterday. I had no idea regarding the scale of this event, but it was huge! Families and businesses donate to the event everything from decorated Christmas trees and homemade wreaths to gingerbread houses. In turn, families and business purchase these creations and the proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. Stephanie and I were in charge of watching the gingerbread houses, and let me tell you, there were some amazing creations. One of the houses must have been 150 pounds!

Now we just have to survive one more week of classes followed by a week of exams and then we will be free for Christmas break! We love everyone and hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season!


Laura & Steve said...

What great ways to celebrate the season! Good luck with your remaining school papers, projects, & exams. You're doing great...hang in there through the finish line and then treat yourselves to something fun to kick off your Christmas break! We love you!

Boy Mom said...

Yumm, gingerbread, candy, frosting...sounds like a fun week. What are you doing for Christmas?

Steph said...

We are actually going to stay here for Christmas. Hope that we can see you guys soon!