Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Please take a look at our Christmas card at http://arclite.byu.edu/dan/christmas2008.


JakieWakie said...

Only you would make your own Christmas Card using Flash, Dan. Very nice.

That Macbook of yours gives me butterflies in my stomach.

Laura and Steve Standage said...

Hey, great Christmas card! Our favorite caption was the one below the pic of Stephanie when you guys camped at the beach. Thanks again for making the effort to visit us this year! Merry Christmas! (And your card from us is coming the old-fashioned way...and a little late.) We love you!

Adams Family said...

I like reading about what is going on in you two's lives. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!!!

Gigi Geitgey said...

Enjoyed receiving your electronic Christmas card and photo review of the year. Do keep us on your list.
Just wondering, though, who was moving in Colorado. It sort of sounded like Stephanie's family, but we couldn't figure out for sure who you helped pack up.

Love and best wishes for Christmas and we look forward to meeting Heather when she makes her entrance into the world. IT was great seeing you this summer.

Love, Bishop and Ruth Geitgey