Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stephanie and I were recently called as the primary teachers in our ward...No really, the primary teachers in our ward. We do have a primary president and primary workers, but they all work with the nursery-aged children. However, a family moved in recently with a 6-year-old son, and the bishop wanted him to have a primary class. Thus, Stephanie and I were called to tag-team him every Sunday!

The first two Sundays were pretty tough. He has a short attention span (go figure...) and he pretends that he never knows the answers (he's actually really bright). We decided that instead of team teaching, we would take turns each week--one of us would teach, and one of us would be a student with Hugo.

Stephanie was the teacher this week, and for the first part of the lesson she planned a treasure hunt. Hugo was very excited to find the treasure and could hardly stay reverent as we searched for clues. Finally it led back to his chair where there was a brand new Book of Mormon underneath. I've never seen a kid get so excited about the Book of Mormon before. For the remainder of the lesson, we had to work hard to get Hugo's attention on Stephanie and not on the book--needless to say we read all the scriptures from the lesson! He gave the prayer at the end, and during the prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for "**shuffle shuffle** Mosiah and **shuffle shuffle** Hell--uh--man...and the Book of Mormon." It was really cute!

So I'm in charge of the lesson next week. We'll see if I can engage him as well as Stephanie did this week!


Rob said...

I love stories like that. Hilarious!!

Rob said...

Oops, that was from Amy not Rob. Not that it really matters.

Michele said...

Wow, looks like you got your work cut out for you. Good luck.

Boy Mom said...

I'm thankful for hell-uh-man too. 6 year old boys are sooooo wiggly. I call them active listeners. I have been known to give my boys crayons and a piece of paper so that they can draw a picture of what I'm teaching. It's amazing how much their minds can take in if their hands are busy. Afterwards you can review the lesson from the picture they draw.

You two seem like the perfect teachers, patient, and creative. Wish you were in our ward.

Laura and Steve Standage said...

Stephen wuz here. Love ya, Kiddo!