Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Ok, so we're a few days late with the New Year thing.  We've just been having a blast this Christmas break spending time with our families, and they being the primary readers of our blog, we haven't had a whole lot to blog about!

Stephanie and I spent Christmas eve and Christmas day just by ourselves.  It was nice to have some peaceful time together.  We spent the majority of Christmas eve cooking and baking in preparation for the next day, but we also spent quite a while working on a gingerbread house.  We built a gingerbread house for our first date, so we thought it would be fun to build another one this year.  Later on, we read the Christmas story, played some games, and enjoyed pigs-in-a-blanket (or is it pigs-in-blankets?...whatever).

Christmas day was wonderful.  We took our time waking up, and then enjoyed some fresh, warm cinnamon rolls (that were freshly baked the previous day!) along with some orange juice and hot chocolate.  We then opened some wonderful gifts, including a food chopper and some earrings for Stephanie and a DVD set and a no-fog shower shaving mirror for Daniel, a pizza stone from Laura Nicole, a wheat grinder from Mom and Dad, some gift cards from John-John and our other Mom and Dad, and Middle Eastern souvenirs from Dad.  We were bounteously blessed this Christmas, not the mention the all-expenses-paid trip to Colorado the week before from Uncle Steven!

After an English-style Christmas feast for two, Stephanie and I packed up and headed up to my parents' house in Cedar Hills.  We spent the next few days house-sitting until they returned from Christmas in Arizona, and spent some time babysitting for my sister Michele who had her second baby girl a few weeks early.  We spent the rest of the break there, with the exception of last Sunday when we went down to Santaquin for a Christmas dinner with the Colemans.  New Year's Eve, all of my nearby siblings gathered at my parent's house for some yummy Greek food, games, and egg nog.  We were so lucky to be able to spend so much time with our families this holiday break.

We love you all and wish you a very happy New Year!

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