Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Heather B.

Heather is growing up so fast! She smiles often, and has started giggling. In the past, she hasn't really laughed before, but Daniel has gotten some very hearty laughs the last two days, and it is music to our ears! She has also been rolling over on a regular basis when she is done with her nap, she just hasn't rolled over on the floor for me. She did for Daniel on Saturday. But everytime I go into her room to pick her up from her nap, she has rolled over. So she can do it (for real)! Here are some cute pics!

Heather is really starting to develop more of a personality and it is fun to see her learn and grow!


Cowboy mom said...

Soooo Cute!!!!! Aren't they just worth it? She's adorable.

Laura and Steve Standage said...

Keep those pictures coming! We love them all. Can't wait to hear Heather's laugh in person...but I guess we've got at least 12 more months or so before we'll get to. (If you get the chance, please capture it on video & then post a clip.) We love you guys!