Sunday, July 26, 2009


The month of July has been one big blur to me. So much has happened in such a short period of time, and Stephanie and I are always talking about how quick the summer has gone by. Not too long and we'll be back in school again. Our only comfort in that regard comes from knowing that it's our last year (as undergrads)!

Stephanie did a pretty good job of documenting the first half of the month, with camping, family reunions, Heather's blessing, and the GRE. Recently, I went on a trip to North Carolina for some job training. It was nice to be back in the southeast, but I was really glad to be home with my girls! After picking me up from the airport this last Monday, we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house and then visited some friends in Taylorsville. Tuesday it was back to the grind again!

We've been saving up for a piano for a while, and a local store had a sale recently. We found a used piano just our size and within our budget [thanks to some help from Mom and Dad Coleman...Stephanie wonders if we'll ever get Christmas again ;) ]. We spent a good portion of the week trying to figure out how to get it from Orem to Provo. Dad Standage got off work early and brought his pickup to Orem, we loaded the piano, brought it home, and carried it up the stairs (with the help of some elders in our ward). The piano goes great with our front room, and we're so glad to have it!

Enough about us adults, we know why you really read this blog...for Heather updates! She is as cute as ever, and she is now a professional at rolling on the floor. She can roll from her back to her stomach to her back again, and that will get her across just about any room in our apartment. She is laughing and giggling and exploring everything with her mouth. She's such a hoot and we're lucky to have her.

Below are two pictures Stephanie captured recently. The first shows Heather showing off her contagious smile, while the second shows the effects of her movements as she naps.

We love you all!

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Marshmellowpuff said...

congrats on your piano. There is nothing more beautiful, calming and spiritual than playing the hymns or other music in your home. I love to hear my kids practicing thier piano. Take a photo of it and post it on your blog so we can see