Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day

This last Friday for our semi-date, we dressed up as cows for the Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day. We were dressed up enough to get two meals, and a kids meal! What a great deal. Look dumb...get food. I guess we just felt kind of weird because the closest Chick-fil-A was in the mall. It was very fun, and we enjoyed our meals. You can't really see Heather's spots, but she was dressed up too.

The reason our Friday night date was only a semi-date, is because Daniel had to take the GRE Saturday morning. He did very well! We are glad that it is over with.

In other news, my family was here this past week, we had family reunions galore, and we were able to bless Heather. It was a special experience. Here are some highlights.

Camping with the Standage clan.

Grandpa meeting Heather for the first time.

Heather and Uncle John-John. I thought this picture was priceless.

The Grandpa's and Daddy at the baby blessing dinner.

Heather's first swimming trip in St. George.

This is the only picture we got where she was semi-smiling. She actually really enjoyed it.

It has been a great two weeks, but we are ready to get back to normal life. Love you all!


Michele said...

Hehe, Julianne told me about Cow Appreciation day. That's cute you guys went. Congrats Daniel for doing so well on your test--little smartie!!!

Marshmellowpuff said...

so, I love the picture of Darren holding Heather for the first time, he has such a sweet and loving look on his face. I cannot believe my brother is a grandpa! But of course I always knew I would be a Great Aunt!lol