Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and other stuff

To start off our Halloween festivities, we had family home evening with the Standage family. We had dinner, a lesson, and then we carved pumpkins. It was lots of fun!

Heather had a lot of fun helping...

But not so much fun washing up.

Halloween weekend we went up to Park City to have a murder mystery weekend with our friends from Georgia, the Hortons. There were two other couples there, and we had LOTS of fun. It is a lot different when you are the only one with a baby though. We dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, and the woodsman (complete with skinned wolf). Here we see little red attacking the wolf.

In other news, Heather is becoming much more mobile and active. I used to be able to do homework when she was awake, but that is becoming much harder now. I have to keep getting her out of sticky situations. Like this one:

She LOVES her baths and playing with a kitchen sponge that I cut in half. (It was new.) It doubles as a toothbrush. :)

Great news! Only 4 more weeks of classes for Daniel and I! We will be done with our second to last semester! We have applied for graduation, registered for our last semester of classes, and are so excited to be (almost) done with our undergraduate education!


Cowboy mom said...

Sooooo cute!!!!!
Wow last semester coming up where does the time go?

Your little family is so awesome, Keep it up!!

More Joy in "The Service" said...

John just kept saying, Mom go to that picture. I'd make it bigger, then he would say oh I love her. I love her!

And so do I, Wood Cutter and Ganny too! Love Mom and John

Theron said...

Your little Heather is really growing and is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!! Glad you are nearing your goals to graduate. We miss hearing from you, know you are busy, respect that. We love you all. Uncle Theron