Monday, May 31, 2010

A Family Reunion of Sorts

Living with my mom and dad for the summer has been quite an adventure. We love being around and really appreciate their willingness to let us live with them for the summer (saving on rent has been a lifesaver). The house has been especially busy recently with extra family in town. My brother Stephen arrived for a visit on May 22nd, and it wasn't long before my sisters brought their families over, making it quite a full house. Here are some picture highlights.

Heather loves to be outside every chance she gets. She loved our trip to Rock Canyon in Provo.

Here is the fam.

On Sunday, the granddaughters helped paint each other's nails. Somehow Uncle Ben got wrapped up in it all. He was a good sport.

We also enjoyed having my grandma around, spending time with Aunt Janet, Donovan and his family, and Aunt Lisa and her family. It's been busy, crazy and hectic, but it's always nice to have family around.

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