Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all of the men I know.

Daniel, You are such a wonderful husband and a wonderful father to Heather. You are my hero! I love you!

Dad, thank you for all you have taught me. You are an inspiration to me. You are the best daddy ever! I love you!

Dad Standage, thanks for being such a good example to Daniel. You are a wonderful man. I love you!


Rachel and Todd said...

Hooray for fathers! Thanks for the comment--Primary is awesome. I think your blogs are so clever--the book of standage, the small plates, etc. Very fun. It looks like Heather is getting so big and so cute! We'll be heading out to Utah this August, and hopefully we'll stop by and say hi! Are you still at Wymount 338?

More Joy in "The Service" said...

Happy Fathers day!!!! This is Daniel's 2nd year being a Daddy...right? I can't believe that! Love You all!

Rachel and Todd said...

Hey, but Iowa is much closer to us than Utah! I hope you like the mid-West!!

More Joy in "The Service" said...

...and they dwelt in the land of Iowa...(you should fix your heading thing!)
We're glad you made it there safely! We love you!